Custom Brokerage

Custom Brokerage

The proper handling!

Each good and each country have its own characteristics and its ID. In the case of goods, it is possible to know by its tariff code the taxes it is subject to. Also legislation on trade agreements amongst countries may lead to several advantages in choosing the country when defining a market strategy.

Agent of AEO Certificate to customs simplifications/security and safety (AEOF) since 2013 and renewed in 2018, JTM is proud to comply with those rules.

AEO Certificate is the international certification of a company. It states that JTM role in the international supply chain is secure and it obeys to the fundamental values of customs regulations.

This status is taken into consideration, in assessment evaluation in what concerns security aspects allowing to reduce customs controls and inspections. Whilst AEO-Full, JTM benefits of differentiated advantages.

We can ensure:

  • Priority in controls;

  • Previous notification of controls;

  • Possibility of indicating place of verification;

  • Lower number of physical and documentation control;

  • Facilitating in granting simplified customs procedures;

  • Summary statement of entrance and exit with reduced data.